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Piedmont Capital Partners LLC.

Piedmont Capital Partners LLC is the investment advisory arm of Piedmont Real Estate Group. Since 2004, Piedmont has a established a solid record in the investment advisory arena for sound results and success in its investment activities. We represent and consult with private equity and institutional owners of real estate in and throughout the Southeast in their investment activities. We use our extensive background in financial underwriting, due diligence, pursuit activities and market knowledge to position our investment partners for long term success and stability. In addition, Piedmont utilizes its long standing professional relationships throughout the Southeast United States and beyond to benefit our client by providing keen insight and guidance in their investment activities.

Investments managed and sponsored by Piedmont have included office and residential properties. In addition, we have acted as consultant to multi-family and mixed-use property investors in assistance with underwriting and market diligence.

Piedmont is actively seeking opportunities for future partnerships and investment entities.

Philosophy and Strategy

Many private investors recognize the inherent advantage of choosing real estate as an integral part of their investment portfolios. The uneven performance of the public equity market over the past ten years in the United States has highlighted the need for private individuals to seek out long term investments that are stable, appreciable and rewarding in accordance with risk. Real estate is an ideal investment class, showing long term performance that meets or exceeds the returns available in nearly every other asset category. In addition, time horizons for real estate investments can be relatively short to long term, allowing investors to enter the investment with specific goals in mind.

One of the major obstacles to private investors considering real estate is identifying partners who can advise and lead the execution of the investment strategy. Historically, investor options have been largely limited to structures such as public and private REITS. Unfortunately, these structures, while providing safety, have returns that more closely mirror the equity market. The investor seeking higher, risk adjusted returns are forced to consider direct investment in properties that demand management and other expertise from the investor, making such investments unattractive on several fronts.

Piedmont seeks to offer logically underwritten, well executed real estate development and investment strategies in product types that carry balanced risk and returns to the private investment community. By doing so, these investors can enjoy higher than average returns while partnering with an experienced, professional real estate advisor.

Piedmont does not offer investment interests that would be regulated by the Securities and Exchange Commission. Some of our investors may choose to invest a portion of their IRA accounts using a custodial relationship with a third party.

Meet our Founder

Jeffrey L. Pittman

The founder and president of Piedmont Real Estate Group is Jeffrey L. Pittman. Jeff Pittman is a seasoned and experienced real estate professional with a proven track record of success in the institutional real estate industry, real estate development, and commercial brokerage. From 1992 to 2004, he served as Vice President of TMW Real Estate Group, Inc. in Atlanta, one of the world’s leading advisors to European private and institutional capital investment in real estate in both the United States and Europe. During his tenure, Mr. Pittman served as the United States head of sales transactions and was a member of the firm investment committee. From 1995 to 2003, he was personally responsible for sales and leasing transactions totaling over $1.7 billion in the United States. He founded Piedmont in May 2004.

His previous experience is diverse and comprehensive and includes asset management, brokerage, corporate services and leasing. He holds or has held several respected industry designations and has served as a committee chair for the National Association of Real Estate Investment Managers, (NAREIM) one of the most prestigious real estate investment trade organizations in the United States.