By now, you have heard or spoken all the words.  Words and phrases like:  Unprecedented.  Unforeseen. Without context.  The new normal.  Shelter in place.  Re-start and when?

The current pandemic is re-ordering our lives.  And it has led all of us to ask a range of questions, ones that you have likely asked yourself, or tried to answer for others.  Does this crisis hurt?  Yes.  In a manner that will change us financially as well as socially, and likely forever.  Will we survive? Yes.  Is there opportunity?  Most assuredly, yes…..

Our experience in commercial real estate stretches back over a variety of economic cycles.  Starting in the late 1980’s with the Resolution Trust Corporation, through the bubble, to the horror and sorrow of 9/11 and finally, the crash of 2008.  Being there and going through those trying periods brought context and wisdom.  It taught us to trust and hope.  In our clients, and friends, and Americans.  Through hard times, we are again learning what is truly important.

There is no timeline for the restart of our economy.  But when it does, we want you to know that we will be there for you.  As your partner in navigating all your real estate decisions.  Whether you are a landlord or tenant, investor or property user, purchaser or seller, we will be there to stand with you and support you.  For now, pick up the phone and call us.  We would love to hear from you…….

Until then, we hope that you will stay calm, keep up your hope and focus ahead.  Our prayer for you is that the God of peace will shine His face upon you and yours, and be your shield through these challenging times.

For the team,

Jeff Pittman